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DIY: Busy House, 3D printing, woodworking Down below pictures of the DIY project for my son, wooden house with RaspberryPI 4B 1Gb RAM, with 3CX PBX installed for phone on the wooden house. A lot of buttons and switches, every button do something, play sound, turn […]
My 3D printer setup: -Creality CR20 PRO -RaspberryPI 3B+ (AstroPrint installed) -BME680, temperature and humidity sensor -Grafana and influxdb for monitoring temperature and humidity -2x Relay for turning on led light and 3d printer -Policetech (Dahua copy) camera for remote monitoring -MikroTik router, that everything is […]
Debug flow: diagnose debug disable  diagnose debug flow trace stop  diagnose debug flow filter clear  diagnose debug reset  diagnose debug flow filter addr x.x.x.x diagnose debug flow show console enable diagnose debug flow show function-name enable diagnose debug console timestamp enable diagnose debug flow trace start […]

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