My 3D printer setup:

-Creality CR20 PRO
-RaspberryPI 3B+ (AstroPrint installed)
-BME680, temperature and humidity sensor
-Grafana and influxdb for monitoring temperature and humidity
-2x Relay for turning on led light and 3d printer
-Policetech (Dahua copy) camera for remote monitoring
-MikroTik router, that everything is connected to the network
-Some old monitor hooked up to the raspberrypi fro controling the printer in the same room, nad wireless keyboard and mouse

Astro print image installed on RaspberryPI 3, than added few custom scripts for controling the relays:
-php script for relay controll runs on Apache port 88, because Astro print already using TCP 80.  

Than I`am using, a little modified script from github (timezone), to gather temperature and humidity info from BME680.

Still have some problem with the script, random crash, will have to look into that a bit more, and the AstroPrint alway change system timeozne dont know how to fix that either,...yet.




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