Debug flow:
diagnose debug disable 
diagnose debug flow trace stop 
diagnose debug flow filter clear 
diagnose debug reset 

diagnose debug flow filter addr x.x.x.x
diagnose debug flow show console enable
diagnose debug flow show function-name enable
diagnose debug console timestamp enable
diagnose debug flow trace start 999
diagnose debug enable

diagnose debug flow filter port Y
diagnose debug flow filter saddr x.x.x.x  
diagnose debug flow filter daddr y.y.y.y   

Debug packet sniffer:
Verbose 4: ip headers, best verbose level
diag sniffer packet any 'src host and dst' 1
diag sniffer packet any 'host and icmp' 1
diag sniffer packet  internal none 4 3  => 3 pakcekts, verbose level 4 on interface internal
diag sniffer packet any 'icmp' 4 20

Verbose logging:
config log memory filter
set severity debug

execute ping
execute update-av  - update antivirus

diag debug / test
diag test application urlfiler– statisika urlfiltra, restart deamon, quta reset,..
diag debug application urlfiter – preveri kako fg kategorizira url
diag debug urfliter url/srcaddr – filtriraj urlfiter debug
Diag debug crashlog read
diagnose firewall iprope clear 100004 - briši vse counterje na fireall policy

Debug IPsec:
diag vpn ike errors
diagnose debug application ike -1
diagnose debug enable
diag vpn ike config list
diag vpn ike log filter name <phase1-name>
diag debug app ike -1
diag debug enable
diagnose vpn ike restart
diagnose vpn ike gateway clear
diagnose vpn ike log-filter dst-addr4
diagnose debug app ike 255
diagnose debug reset
diagnose debug disable
config sys global
set ipsec-asic-offload
get vpn ipsec tunnel name
Ostali ukazi:
get system arp   - ARP tabela
show firewall policy xy  - Prikaz firewall policya
get firewall policy  -Prikaz firewall policy-IDjev, order top-bottom
show firewall shaper traffic-shaper –show traffic shaper
get firewall shaper traffic – get traffic per shaper
Show vpn ipsec phase2 - pokaži SA za ph2 IPsec
diag test application dnsproxy 8
diag debug info – pregled trenutnega stanja diag-a
diag sys top-summary
diag debug flow filter – pregled filtrov
get system performance top –TOP Linux
diagnose hardware system cpu/memory –Diagnostika memory in CPU
diagnose sys top 1 20 – TOP procesi 1s refresh, 20 vrstic
diagnose sys kill 11 PID – restart PID process



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