Cisco 2960 => MikroTik CRS326 vlan`s configuration


Howto configure TRUNK beetwen Cisco 2960 and MikroTik CRS326 (new vlan implementation RouterOS). Tagged vlan 10,20,30 beetwen Cisco 2960 Fa0/24 and MikroTik CRS326 – Eth24. and untagged vlans on Eth1,2,3 on MikroTik CRS326


Cisco-2960 configuration:
C2960(config)#int fa 0/24
C2960(config-if)#descr CRS326-Test-TRUNK
C2960(config-if)#sw mod tr
C2960(config-if)#sw tr all vl 10,20,30

MikroTik-CRS326 configuration:

Configure MgMT interface:
/interface vlan add interface=”Eth24-Uplink-C2960″ name=MgMT-Vlan10 vlan-id=10 //Configure MgMT vlan on CPU
/ip address add address= comment=#MT-MgMT interface=MgMT-Vlan10 network= //add IP address on MgMT interface

Configure bridge interface with hardware offloading:
/interface bridge
add fast-forward=no igmp-snooping=no name=Master-bridge vlan-filtering=yes

Add bridge ports with pvid = untagged port:
/interface bridge port
add bridge=Master-bridge interface=”Eth24-Uplink-C2960″
add bridge=Master-bridge interface=”Eth1-Unt.Vlan10″ pvid=10
add bridge=Master-bridge interface=”Eth2-Unt.Vlan20″ pvid=20
add bridge=Master-bridge interface=”Eth3-Unt.Vlan30″ pvid=30

Configure VLANs on hardware offloading bridge:

/interface bridge vlan
add bridge=Master-bridge comment=#MT-SW-MgMT tagged=”Eth24-Uplink-C2960″ vlan-ids=10
add bridge=Master-bridge comment=#Unt.Vlan10 tagged=”Eth24-Uplink-C2960″ untagged=”Eth1-Unt.Vlan10″ vlan-ids=10
add bridge=Master-bridge comment=#Unt.Vlan20 tagged=”Eth24-Uplink-C2960″ untagged=”Eth1-Unt.Vlan20″ vlan-ids=20
add bridge=Master-bridge comment=#Unt.Vlan30 tagged=”Eth24-Uplink-C2960″ untagged=”Eth1-Unt.Vlan30″ vlan-ids=30

Configuration video:



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