This is simple blog for all Network&Security enthusiasts out there. Most of the blogs will be about Fortigate, MikroTik, Cisco, Ubiquiti, how to connect them, the things i had problem to find in vendors HOW-TO etc.. Dont have much time, but will try to publish articles time to time.

I started my network carrer about 4 years ago (2016) as a junior network technican at company where Iam still employed as lead network security engineer, we are system integrator and small ISP.

….I`am still interested in everything that have to do with networking and security

As a hobby, I`am learning about the security from the other side too. I play around hackthebox when i have time and sometimes try to do some simple pentest on the network that i manage, or configure.

If you have any proposal what would you like to see on the blog let me know.